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Autism Awareness Month

Have you ever wondered exactly what autism is? Autism is not a restriction it is just a different way of thinking and seeing things. Check out this board for information about autism and see what different celebrities are on the autism spectrum.

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Storm Season!

Storm season is among us! Do you know the difference between a tornado warning vs. a watch? Do you know what conditions are right for a severe storm? Looking for ways that you can be ready for when a storm hits? Check out this bulletin board for all things stormy and get ready because it’s about to get windy!!!!

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Wondering what this means? Did you see the March on campus last week? Well here on campus we are all for being different but sticking together. We all cry tears and we all bleed red so why not celebrate our uniqueness?! Check out this wall display to learn more about the Pioneers Unite movement and sign the pledge to stand up to hate!

Pop Up Events

Pioneer Pantry

Today a few 2 West residents went to check out the pioneer pantry and visit 2 West resident, Jess, who works at the pantry. We all got to get some good nutritious food items. The pantry is a great place to check out for fresh produce and a great place to go with friends! The food is free to all students and it’s now open Tuesdays and Wednesday’s 3-6pm. Take advantage of the great resources on campus!

Campus Events

Healthy You

Last night the campus dietitian Stephanie Young, came and talked with 2West and 2East residents about healthy eating on campus. We covered topics on label reading, meal plan deals, food menus, diet restrictions, and much much more! It was great having time to ask questions about our current eating style and learning how we can make small healthier choices like fruit instead of fries or a milk instead of soda. We look forward to having her back!

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Proud Mom Fridge

With so much negativity in this world we need to share the positives. Did you see an act of kindness today? Write about it on a post in note and post it on the fridge. Get a really good grade and want to share? Post it on the fridge for all to see. Want to give a shoutout to your friend for helping you? Write them a thank you and post it on the fridge. You can post about anything good! If you leave your name Jill will leave you a small gift in your mailbox just for sharing. Start spreading love!

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Don’t get lucky without Consent

Sexual violence is more prevalent at colleges compared to other crimes. In 2016, 1 in 4 women were sexually assaulted in college. 90% of college campus sexual assaults are committed by perpetrators that the survivor knows. Sexual assault is a real thing and it can happen to your peers, friends, or even yourself. Know the power in your words. No means no. Ways to feel safe on campus, use the safe-walk program to get home late at night. Call campus police if you feel like someone is following you. Don’t let a stranger in the building behind you unless you are for sure they live there. Seek emotional help from counseling services or physical care from health services. An RA can always help you find help.