Wing meeting

Last Wing Meeting

On Thursday night 2 west and 2 east had their last floor meeting of the semester. To have a little fun we played a kahoot game that went over closing procedures. Residents got to pick from a bunch of prizes for playing the game. The prizes consisted of things that residents can use for finals week such as ear plugs, pens, energy drinks, and much more! Its crazy to believe that we are almost to the end. Be checking the closing bulletin boards and publicity for closing procedures or find an RA to answer your questions. Remember to clean your rooms before checking out!

Bulletin Board

Recycled Crafts

Looking for something creative to make? Want to be environmentally friendly? Well here are some ideas for making recycled crafts! There are plenty of college friendly crafts to make. Check out this board to spark some creativity!

Bulletin Board

Storm Season!

Storm season is among us! Do you know the difference between a tornado warning vs. a watch? Do you know what conditions are right for a severe storm? Looking for ways that you can be ready for when a storm hits? Check out this bulletin board for all things stormy and get ready because it’s about to get windy!!!!

Bulletin Board


Wondering what this means? Did you see the March on campus last week? Well here on campus we are all for being different but sticking together. We all cry tears and we all bleed red so why not celebrate our uniqueness?! Check out this wall display to learn more about the Pioneers Unite movement and sign the pledge to stand up to hate!

Pop Up Events

Pioneer Pantry

Today a few 2 West residents went to check out the pioneer pantry and visit 2 West resident, Jess, who works at the pantry. We all got to get some good nutritious food items. The pantry is a great place to check out for fresh produce and a great place to go with friends! The food is free to all students and it’s now open Tuesdays and Wednesday’s 3-6pm. Take advantage of the great resources on campus!