Cans for the Cure

At our wing meeting on Monday Nov 6th 2 west residents learned about can for a cure. We are going to see how many times our box in he kitchen can fill up before the end of the semester. The mission of Cans for the Cure is: to service cancer research and the eventual cure for cancer by collecting aluminum cans around the UW-Platteville campus and exchanging them for money at certain recycling facilities. The money recieved from these cans will be donated to multiple cancer charities.


Fill up the boxes with your aluminum cans!


Nerf Battle

On Thursday Nov. 9th 2 west residents and 3rd floor residents had a nerf battle in the basement of McGregor. This was a great break from homework and get a little stress out. it also helped all residents get active for 2 hours of their night instead of sitting in their rooms looking at a computer or phone. It was a fun time!

Bulletin Board


Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays that doesn’t involve religion. no matter what you believe in you can always be thankful for everything that you have. This interactive board gives 2 west residents the chance to reflect and write down something that they are thankful for. Remember that this holiday is not all about the turkey but about being thankful for what you have the ones you love.

Bulletin Board

Breast Cancer Awareness

October was breast cancer awareness month. To celebrate 2 West had a bulletin board with facts about breast cancer. One of the facts was how many women are diagnosed every year. Another was that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed. This board also gave facts on how to detect breast cancer. This board helped to raise awareness about breast cancer to all residents on 2nd floor.