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Tea Time


On Sunday, a few 2 West residents made a tea mixture that strengthens your immune system. The mixture included ginger, garlic, lemons, and honey that we mixed into hot water. The garlic helps strengthen your immune system. Ginger and lemon help with digestion. The honey helps to sooth your throat. It had a weird taste to it that some liked and others disliked. We all talked about using essential oils and other things to keep us healthy this coming sickness season. Only time will tell if the new tea actually helps fight off sickness!

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First Wing Meeting

On Monday, after our first wing meeting, a few residents stayed to write down their goals for this semester on a piece of paper. They then took that piece of paper and folded it to make a paper flower. We did this to symbolize that, with hard work, time, and help from their peers, their goals will blossom just like their flower. Each resident took their flower back to their room to remind them during hard days this semester to keep working towards their goal and that the end result will be worth it.