Bulletin Board

All About Your RA

Ever wonder what your RA’s favorite color or sports team is? Here’s a bulletin board to tell you everything from my hometown to the organizations I’m involved with and everything in between.

Bulletin Board


HeForShe has been a growing solidarity campaign since Emma Watson launched it in September of 2014. The HeForShe compaign is encouraging men to stand up for equal rights for women. The idea behind this movement is to form a visible force for gender equality. Check out the bulletin board to learn more about this campaign and visit there website too. #Strivingforexellence

Bulletin Board

Mirrorless Monday

Today is the first day of the National Eating Disorder Awesome week. The mirrors in the bathroom and in the hallway have all been covered to show that you are beautiful just the way you are. People who have eating disorders have lost sight of how beautiful they are due to the media portraying people a certain way. This is one way we can stand together to show our support.